Friday, April 17, 2015

Tomorrow and Sunday SCFTA Perris Double Header


Preston Petty, celebrated inventor and motorcycle racer will be competing this weekend at the SoCal Flat Trackers Double Header at Perris Short Track. Pres races several classes on his Ohm Racer, the only electric Flat Tracker I know of and it is a pleasure to see him whizzing around spraying dirt in the highly competitive Super Seniors (70+). Pres had been racing at the Expert level in Flat Track for many ,many decades and as this 1968 Suzuki Ad demonstrates, he was an accomplished Motocrosser too!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tom Rockwood AMA National #9

Tom Rockwood rode a spectacular race to win his first National at Ascot and was interviewed by his dad, Roxy Rockwood the highly entertaining and the well respected voice of Flat Track for many,many years.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mighty Matchless

Big, beautiful and single

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sidehacks at SCFTA Round 2 and 3 Double Header This Weekend

SCFTA Round 2 & 3 this weekend at Perris Short Track. With Saturday Night Speedway Sidehacks ! These guys put on a show with big inch Jappas and Hogs. Nothing like Doug and Ed on their Sportster Desert Hack pictured here but this is where they came from. Sidecar racing has always had a following in the States mainly Desert ,TT and Speedway. They race clockwise on Flat Tracks and are known here as New Zealand Sidehacks. They have been around forever. My first introduction to them was at Rowley Park in Adelaide , South Australia way back in the 60s. Most of top dogs at that time were Vincent powered with the rest of the field Triumphs , Nortons and Beezas. Looking forward to a completely sideways weekend.
Double Header Weekend 4 Days Out! April 14, 2015 - Riverside, CA: With just a few days until our double header weekend, we wanted to send you the event schedule and let you know what's new and exciting. As a special treat, 4 to 6 Sidecar Teams will be joining us Saturday night, so bring the entire family out for a fun night a flattrack racing with a twist :) We will also be opening the gates early on Friday for those traveling in from afar who are camping, so please see Rudy Gil at the gate when you get here. Event Schedule: Friday, April 17 Gates open @ 11:00am for early arrivals Saturday, April 18 - Round 2 Gates open @ 12:00pm Practice @ 3:30pm Racing to Follow... Sunday, April 19th - Round 3 Gates open @ 8:00am Practice @ 10:00am Racing to follow... As a special treat, 4 to 6 Sidecar Teams will be joining us Saturday night. You won't want to miss it! Gate & Entry Fees: Gate Fee Admission $10 per person (0 - 4 years FREE) Members: Adults - $45 1st class, additional classes $35 Kids - $25, additional classes $20 Non-Members: Adults - $50 1st class, additional classes $40 Kids - $30, additional classes $25 For membership and entry forms, please click here. For more information, please visit us at today! Thanks and see you all this weekend :) "Like Us" on Facebook | Forward to a Friend Southern California Flat Track Assocaition

No Women Allowed !

One European Racing Organization is banning Umbrella Girls because they feel having pretty women involved is demeaning to their gender and takes away from the attention the racers deserve !? The AMA went one further back in the day and banned women completely from the pits. They relented in 1970 and now women enjoy every aspect of the sport and are a welcomed, essential ingredient to the organization.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Crasher Burns

1970 with age old 4Q humor