Monday, May 21, 2012

Bob Sirkegian # 12x

Bob Sirkegian has been a successful motorcycle racer from a very early age. His Dad was a prominent M/C Dealer in the 50's and 60's and a racer of note himself,so it was natural for young Bobby to get  
the gift of being competitive and he excelled on his Dad's potent racing machines. First in Drag Racing where he became famous for being the fastest in the whole field of both two and four wheels and for doing it so well at 13 years of age. Then came road racing where he also excelled and then in 1958 he took up Flat Track where he battled and beat the accomplished Stars of the era. Bob raced through 1961 when his father passed away and Bob hung up his leathers to take control of the family business. It was great to see Bob at the Ascot Reunion reliving some of his past glories and enjoying the camaraderie of the old Ascoteers.
 Bob at 72 with his Gold Star that he rode to many Ascot victories.
 Bobby at 13 years old on the family Triumph that he would vanquish all comers, bikes and cars, in the early days of Drag Racing.
 Celebrating another Ascot win with Aggie